Celebrating Women In STEM: Women’s History Month


More than 30 years ago, I made a decision to pursue a career in high tech, which at the time that I knew very little about.

It wasn’t a part of my history or my upbringing.  No one in my family had pursued a technical degree.

Yet, I graduated with a STEM degree in Computer Science because someone else believed in me…and thought I was smart in math.  I worked hard.  Very hard…And I went places often as the “first” or the “only” because someone else was my catalyst, my mentor, someone else removed barriers that stood in my way — and all along the way, there has been someone else that has helped me to achieve a global career in high tech.

It’s one of the reasons the film of the three black women who launched the U.S. into space was so moving for me.  Like those Hidden Figures, and so many of us in STEM careers, I had to tap into that internal source of courage to say: ‘I can do this.”

The high tech industry has pushed me to grow. It has forced me to confront my own fears and biases.  It has made to think critically and caused me to become a fierce advocate for our girls in STEM. I want all girls, who are smart in math to believe that they too, can launch the dreams of their communities and their nations.

During Women’s History Month and on International Women’s Day I am advocating our girls to be able to make their mark in this industry and for them to be VISIBLE by highlighting women in STEM – both past and present – who inspire me!

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