We All Live (and Work) Here

“We All Live Here” – what a simple but powerful phrase. When I hear those four words, I think of Lenovo’s diversity and inclusion belief statement, “connected people change the world.” I love that Lenovo embraces the things that make each of our employees unique and celebrates differences that ultimately make us better. June brings great opportunities to celebrate diversity at Lenovo, both generally and in acknowledgement of LGBT Pride month.

This week in our Chicago office, interns learned about how we approach diversity by giving back to the communities we serve. The interns helped install a mural at a local elementary school working with We All Live Here an organization that promotes inclusion and diversity through public art projects. Interns also helped run the school’s field day activities, having fun and breaking down barriers by dispelling stereotypes between themselves and the students from the under resourced community.

Employees in our Morrisville offices will be volunteering with the John Avery Boys and Girls Clubs of Durham by conducting STEM activities for under-resourced students who attend the club. Students in grades 3-5 will be designing a backpack that incorporates an LED circuit, challenging the students to exercise both engineering and design skills. Middle school students will be learning about electromagnetic induction by building electromagnetic motors with Lenovo volunteers activity.

To celebrate Pride month in June, Chicago employees will be marching in the Chicago Pride Parade on June 25 with Lambda Legal, a national organization that fights for human rights and equality.

In alignment with our support for LGBT individuals, Lenovo is proud to offer transgender inclusive health benefits (currently provided by only 15% of U.S. employers). Our plan covers a variety of services including gender-reassignment/affirmation surgery. We know embracing diversity and being inclusive helps us grow – both professionally and personally. That’s one reason why we’ve spent a lot of time optimizing our employee benefits around the world to fit the needs of modern families. For example, in the U.S., we offer up to 24 weeks of paid leave for maternity and seven weeks for adoption, including domestic partners, and provide financial assistance for adoption. We also offer backup child and elder care and support for families and children with special needs. In India, we provide 26 weeks of fully paid maternity leave and paid leave for paternity as well as paid leave for adoption.

We believe connected employees and communities can change the world, and this inspires us to continue to find new ways to support them.


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